Thursday, 23rd May 2019


About,HippoJobZoo has been created primarily as a job resource for young people – school and college-leavers, graduates, postgraduates and first and second jobbers – to explore every possible avenue of employment; to find out which roles demand which skills, qualifications or personal attributes and ultimately to make choosing a job and finding work an easier experience all round.

Job hunting advice

Job hunting is no walk in the park and even deciding what path to go down can prove an almighty challenge: very few people know exactly what job they want from an early age, despite the apparent pressure to choose a direction and stick to it. Do I have appropriate skills? The right character traits? What qualifications will I need to get the job I want? These are just a few of the more straightforward questions JobZoo can help to answer.

It is very easy to become downcast and discouraged by seemingly never-ending stories of rising unemployment, now more prevalent than ever and particularly among young people. But the truth is there are jobs out there – obscure professions, hugely in-demand roles and job titles we never knew existed. JobZoo strives to round up all the know-how and know-what into one place, allowing users to broaden their scopes, learn, prepare and make better-informed decisions about the jobs they might go on to pursue.

Made by young people, for young people

For a team of (mostly) young individuals from a variety of backgrounds, working on JobZoo is a full-time commitment. Dedicated researchers, writers, project managers, designers and directors who acknowledge the urgency, the issues and complexities of choosing and finding work all do their bit to ensure JobZoo is easy to use, interesting, engaging and above all brimming with valuable, relevant and up-to-date information.