Sunday, 19th May 2019


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People are always learning; it does not simply finish after leaving school. Continuous learning ensures that people can get the most out of their lives.

What do qualifications provide?

Qualifications provide the proof that a person has a gained knowledge and skills in a certain area, to a certain level. Some career choices require specific qualifications but even if they don’t, having a qualification gives an individual a far better footing to impress an employer and be a step above the competition.

As well as impressing employers and gaining skills, having a qualification can increase a person’s confidence to go for their desired job. A qualification on a CV instantly translates what skills that candidate has before they have the chance to meet the employer face to face. Of course, the value of practical knowledge is not to be underrated and many jobs will not have any minimum requirements, but having either an academic or vocational qualification can really boost future prospects.

Something for everyone

In the UK there are numerous courses that one can take. There are many different types of courses which teach an array of skills and equip students, both young and old with various qualifications. This part of JobZoo is a guide to the courses available, the qualifications they offer and the areas of work and study they relate to.