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This area of JobZoo will help you to prepare for your interviews.

We have all types of interview advice and techniques, including information on how to prepare, interview practice questions and what to wear to an interview.

Interview Techniques & Advice, InterviewThe first stage is complete. The <a href=CV you submitted was good enough for an employer, or recruiter, to want to meet you in person for an interview. This could be your future employer and the interview represents the greatest and final hurdle before the job offer.

People look at interviews in different ways; some of us dread them, whilst others look forward to them. Interviews are absolutely crucial to your success but, with sufficient preparation, good technique and practice, there is no reason for them to be feared. With the right attitude, the interview can become a challenge to look forward to.

The interview process is the first, and sometimes the only chance you will get of meeting, greeting and persuading employers that the role is suitable for you and you alone.

The Interview Techniques section includes:

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