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Jobs, internships and work experience placements are advertised all over the place, with some being a lot easier to find than others, so having an idea of where to look is extremely important and should minimise the hours spent hitting fruitless dead ends. This section outlines and gives advice on job avenues in which a person can go down when looking for work or work experience.

Look online for employment

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The Internet is unquestionably the most valuable, complete and up-to-date resource for job hunters and job advertisers alike. Recruitment agencies and private companies all post job vacancies on job websites and on their own websites.

The vast majority of, if not all, specialist and general recruitment companies will have their own websites on which they list available jobs. They also frequently post job advertisements on job sites with large amounts of traffic.

Almost every company now has its own website containing all the information a person might want or need to know about the business. If a jobseeker knows exactly the kind of industry they want to work for, or even the exact company they want to work for, then this is a good way to apply or at least get in contact.

Recruitment companies

Enlisting the help of recruitment agencies is popular among jobseekers, particularly those with either existing experience, good qualifications, or both. Many companies also favour this method of hiring as it means they spend less time and resources on the recruitment process and someone else can find the most suitable candidate to fit the role. Some agencies help find jobs for a diversely qualified pool of jobseekers; others specialise in filling roles in a certain industry.

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Trade journals and industry media

For those looking for work in a specific industry, trade journals and other industry specific media are good places to look. Many will contain classified sections full of jobs which are targeted exclusively at the readership. Nowadays, the majority of industry media is available online and larger publications will also have entire job sections on their websites.

Visit our Choosing A Job section to find media specific to your job path.

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Many newspapers, both regional and national, feature classified pages through which employers can advertise positions and where skilled people and jobseekers can offer their services. The type of work on offer will cover a much wider scope than industry specific papers. Some large newspapers advertise job vacancies on their sites on behalf of employers; other affiliated services, such as Guardian Jobs, offer a wide range of recruitment tools and contain enormous databases of job vacancies.

Visit career fairs to gain inspiration and contacts

Universities and educational charities or institutions frequently hold events to which they invite speakers and recruiters from different employers picked from a wide range of industries. These provide really great opportunities for young people to discover a lot more about the areas of work that interest them, find out about available schemes, meet employers and even make useful contacts.

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Check social networks for job advertisements

Where To Look for jobs, Social Networks, Handshake More and more people are discovering the benefits of social networks where looking for work is concerned. Sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are excellent for making virtual contacts and finding out about job openings. Many job vacancies will be posted on Twitter by recruitment companies or employers as soon as they are announced. If you follow their feed, you'll be one of the first to know about the vacancy.

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The saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is highly relevant when it comes to finding work or work experience. If you meet someone who might be able to help you in any way whatsoever, from just giving a bit of advice to helping find work experience placements or even a job, then don’t be afraid to ask.