Thursday, 23rd May 2019


We’d all love to be our own boss, wouldn't we? For many of us, starting a business is an idea which seems way above our stations, yet for those with certain skills and the right amount of passion it can be a very natural goal to work towards with potentially rewarding outcomes.

Anyone who has started and nurtured their own company from scratch will tell you that it is no mean feat. Along with external resources including time and money, starting a successful business requires a bundle of determination, drive and perseverance, support from peers and an unfailing assuredness in yourself and in your product or service.

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Resource to help you start your own business

Here at JobZoo we have created a guide that aims to inform you on how the different aspects of starting a business:

After leaving school, college or university most people start looking for positions in established companies within the sector they want to work in.

This is undoubtedly the most common and organic path to take, as it is the one we are used to hearing about the most often (ex-pupils and graduates start apprenticeships, internships or training schemes or go straight into paid employment).

However, there is nothing to say that we cannot have a bash at going it alone if we can offer something for which there is a demand – if there is a gap in the market then filling it can reap hefty gains.

Of course, there is the question surrounding resources, expressly – money. Starting up a business is a venture fraught with hidden costs and risk; many companies, even successful ones, do not start seeing profits turning over for a long period after getting off the ground.

Putting together and pitching a realistic business plan to the bank and to investors could help you secure the funds you need to get your company up and running, or up at least. The running will be down to you.

There is way more than this to consider and plenty of questions you need to ask yourself: “is this business idea really sustainable?” and “do I really have what it takes to see this through?”

Planning is essential

Extensive research must be conducted before any definitive action can be taken. Speaking to people who have started and established successful businesses is an excellent starting point, and seeking advice from a variety of sources is absolutely essential.

If you are at a point where you are deciding where to take your career and your life, and the idea of starting up a business appeals to you, then a good place to begin is the Government’s Business Link information portal where you will get loads of advice and tips..