Sunday, 21st April 2019


It is important to get professional and helpful advice when you come up with great and potentially profitable idea, but unfortunately, many of these ideas will never be realised without the necessary job advice and support. With so many established businesses out there and the currently uncertain economy, it is vital that would-be entrepreneurs get the information and support that they need in order to successfully start a business.

There is plenty of information and support available for aspiring entrepreneurs, provided they know where to look. Here are the main types of resources out there to get useful advice.

Government resources

In 2012, David Cameron launched an initiative to promote and boost entrepreneurship in the UK, supporting the small businesses that contribute so much to the economy. ‘Business in You’ was created by the government in conjunction with other big national companies and is just one of the many resources that provide relevant information to help small businesses start successfully. Business in You provides information on success stories, financial support and how to get organised.

Foundations and organisations

There are many different organisations that have been set up to give young or disadvantaged people information about how to start up a business. These sites promote entrepreneurship and give advice on the key information needed to start a business, including:

  • Why people start a business
  • How to know if it’s a good idea
  • How to write business plans
  • Where to get funding
  • How to sort all the business administration

Foundations and charities such as The Prince’s Trust and Fredericks Foundation have been set up specifically to support those who are either disadvantaged or financially unable to start a business by themselves.

StartUp Britain runs regional workshops and lectures promoting enterprise in Britain, giving people inspiration and advice on how to begin.

Banks and building societies

As well as being a point of contact for financial support, most banks and building societies will have a department that can offer general advice on starting a business. Each bank or building society may offer different business loans, so it is worth shopping around and going with a bank that offers a general support package also.

Other resources for starting your own business

The web is full of private companies that offer advice and information on starting businesses. It is also worth looking at some blogs that are available, for insider information or personal accounts.