Friday, 19th April 2019


The Government has devised a range of different employment schemes to help people of all ages and especially young people as well as all backgrounds find work.

Some schemes are compulsory for those who are claiming Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA), whilst others are voluntary.

Not only does the Government offer advice and financial support, it also aims to make access to work easier by improving the pathways into employment easier from Jobseeker's Allowance to full-time employment.

The Government has developed some of the biggest, most ambitious and wildly controversial programmes this country has ever seen, setting aside in the region of £5 billion to help get people into work.

What Government schemes have been created for young people?

A variety of schemes has been created, from those that help people find employment to those that try to provide opportunities for people to build on experience through apprenticeships and work experience placements.

Schemes aim to endow the young with valuable skills whilst working in established organisations.

In this section you can learn useful information about the main Government schemes related to education and work:

Back to Work Scheme

The Back to Work Scheme is the biggest, most ambitious programme that this country has ever seen, according to previous employment minister Chris Grayling. With £5 billion already earmarked, the scheme aims to help two million people find employment in its first two years. This radical arrangement, which began in June 2011, will replace all existing employment support structures.

The National Careers Service

Launched from the ashes of Next Step at the start of 2012, the UK National Careers Service comprises a website, helpline and one-to-one services, maintained by professional careers advisors that provide information on learning, training and employment across the UK. The site also offers a variety of useful tools to assist all job hunters, regardless of age or stage in their career.