Sunday, 21st April 2019


Art and design is a very broad term which covers a huge area of work and creativity. To be good at art, you don’t necessarily have to be gifted with a paintbrush or pencil. If you have a creative flair and are always coming up with new ideas, you should explore your options of studying Art and Design subjects at a further level.

Jobs in the creative sector

There is an abundance of creative careers out there after you finish education. Artists are no longer confined careers made up of drawing, painting or sculpting in the hope of selling or exhibiting their art for a living.

Careers in art and design can span many different specialist areas.

Designers and professional artists are needed in all different industries too, including marketing, advertising, web design, fashion, manufacturing, media, architecture, art conservation, publishing and technology.

For a lot of design jobs, an art and design qualification will be required, either at an art college or at university.

What job needs an art and design qualification?

More information on how different subjects can help you progress here