Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Languages become non-compulsory at GCSE in 2004, which saw a drastic drop in the amount of students studying a foreign language GCSE. Only recently, have the figures shown an increase in the amount of students choosing to take a foreign language further – this is great news, as languages are really great skills to have and is really helpful when applying for high bracket job roles.

English may be one of the most widely spoken languages, but not everyone can speak or wants to speak English.

If ever you want to travel around the world or visit other countries, another language can be really useful. It not only makes travel easier but can help you with your future career.

A language will always be useful, no matter what you do. The world is getting smaller due to the rapid development of communication and travel.

Many businesses from all industries can have offices or clients across the world, requiring people of all languages to communicate and work together.

Also, having to use a language at work could raise your salary from 8-20%, visit here for more information.

Jobs that need languages:

Jobs where languages are useful:

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