Wednesday, 24th April 2019


The Great Outdoors Jobs, ChildrenFinally it seems the longest winter in British history is coming to an end. If like us you are completely over excited by the sunshine, then perhaps you should consider a job outdoors.

Unfortunately the UK is not blessed with a tropical climate all year round, but the benefits that come along side working in the fresh air are endless.

If being confined to an office with fluorescent lighting is not your idea of fun then look no further.

5 top jobs for young people who love the outdoors:

1, Personal Trainer

Personal trainers have the best of both worlds, when it is cold and wet they will train indoors, but then as soon as the sun starts to shine they can hit the park. Providing fitness instruction to clients, they will advice the most effective use of equipment, push clients to reach their goal and often offer nutritional advice. Few really get excited about the gym therefore personal trainers will aim to motivate their client and often the best way is to take them out of the gym into the real world.

2, Zoo Keeper

A zoo keeper will work with a variety of animals including mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. They will supervise, care for and ensure the safe and humane treatment of all animals. It can be dirty work, but working in the open air looking after some of the world's most fascinating creatures is a job quite like no other.

3, Army Soldier

Joining the army is by no means for every one. It is tough and requires a certain level of physical and mental strength and stamina. Soldiers will defend the country and those abroad in need of help. They will work outside for much of the day whether its in training or when they are on duty.

4, Physical Education Teacher

A physical education teacher will plan, organise and lead a class in a number of different sports including netball, hockey and football. They must have a range of of skills and a very enthusiastic attitude to get the children excited to join in, especially in the winter when playing sport in the rain isn't very appealing.

5, Labourer

A job as a labourer includes a whole range of different roles, most of which will involve a skilled trade. Work can be physically demanding and sometimes dangerous, but a huge plus, like all these jobs, is the ability to work outdoors.

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