Saturday, 20th April 2019


Looking to 2020...

...It has been predicted certain changes will occur by 2020 that will directly relate to our economy and employment rates. The most obvious change is that our Global Financial System will become more global and every part of our life will be even more interconnected than it already is. Rapid development across the world (in particular in India and China) will be a huge strain on resources therefore the need to transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy will be crucial.

This will affect affect the types of jobs that people will be doing within the next twenty years.

Careers of the Future

Industries of 2020

  • Environmental Some jobs will focus on reducing the environmental impact of their company whilst others will focus on ‘greenwashing’ their image. This is a form of PR used to create the perception that the company is environmentally friendly.
  • Renewable Energy Alternative fuels such as wind, tidal, hydrogen and solar power will be the main sources of energy. However, new jobs will not necessarily be created as workers from the shrinking oil and gas industry will transition over to renewable energy.
  • Augmented Reality By 2020 it is predicted that the internet, video gaming and 3D television will collide with the real world. For example, a video visor will extend to your Bluetooth earpiece giving a full 3D overlay of the high street you are walking down. Everything on the internet will be merged with the real world.
  • Robots and Artificial Intelligence Surgeons could become redundant as robotic equipment will be able to take on over high-precision surgeries.
  • Business With the recent financial crisis many businesses will seek to build more solid foundations for the future. Careers as entrepreneurs will also become more attractive.
  • Nanotech and Biotech: In the future there will be a huge increase in technological advances in NBIC: nanotechnology, biotechnology, IT and cognitive science. As these areas develop and expand, new opportunities will be available to extend life and alleviate poverty.
  • Social Services A boom in social services will be evident as our population continues to age. This will be especially apparent in healthcare and nursing homes.
  • Education Similar to social services universities, schools and colleges have been described as a ‘future proof sector’ as they will have to continually expanding to keep up with growth of the population.
  • Food The demand for organic, healthy, locally sourced food will continue to increase in the future; this will bring jobs back to England as people try to ‘buy British’. More jobs will be created within the food industry as sustainable farming is about small scale methods rather than big machines.

Most Secure Jobs

Here are some of the most secure jobs of 2020 which will help you when choosing a job that is sustainable for the future.

  • Nurse Healthcare services are in continual demand and always looking to expand. By 2018 the industry is estimated to have grown by 22%, therefore the need for nursing jobs will continue to grow over the next few years.
  • Physical Therapist Due to the advances in medicine people are living longer and the survival rates for trauma victims are increasing. Technology is allowing people to have children and be more active later into life, however it is therefore more common for injuries and stiffness that require a therapist to aid recovery and prevent further injury. The demand for physical therapy is continually growing and is expected to have increased by 30% by 2018.
  • Pharmacist As the average life expectancy continues to grow so too will the demand for the medicines, supplied by pharmacists, that aid continual youth. The demand for those who are qualified and trained to distribute these treatments will continue to increase.
  • Physician and Surgeon The NHS budgets for healthcare are often very tight; however the fact remains that the demand for surgeons will never decrease as the public will always require emergency or elective surgery. For those qualified in a specific area with proven skills will not find it difficult to gain employment.
  • Computer Systems Analyst and Administrator As technology and computers continue to play an increasing role in our lives both at work and home, the demand for those that can develop and maintain the technology is extremely high, and will continue to be so.
  • Computer Software Engineer Much the same reasons as previous, our continual dependence on technology is causing an increase in demand for those who can analyse and repair and progress high tech systems. Therefore jobs within this industry are, and will continue to be in high demand.
  • Biomedical and Environmental Engineer The engineering field is expected to grow at a steady pace, especially as the need for alternative fuels is increasing. The occupations are also vital in the search for improving medicines, vaccines and cures.
  • Financial advisor Due to the ever changing financial sector many may require an advisor who can suggest where best to invest their money. This is particularly relevant for those nearing retirement as they may need advice on how to ensure a good lifestyle while maintain security. Job prospects within the financial industry are estimated to grow by 22-30% by 2018.
  • Veterinarian People take increasingly better care of their pets as they become part of the family. Therefore careers in the veterinarian industry are becoming more and more secure due to the higher value families place on their pets.
  • Lawyer Lawyers are becoming more and more in demand due to the growth of industries who require additional legal services. Those who enter the right field with the correct qualifications can often secure a life-long career.