Saturday, 20th April 2019


ECCTIS – Understanding qualifications for working and studying internationally

Not everyone ends up working in their own home country, and it has to be said that there are many valuable, yet relatively unexplored, options for studying and working abroad. Either for UK citizens wanting to study or work abroad, or international individuals wanting to come to the UK for the same reasons, there are amazing opportunities, but it can be overlooked or seem too complicated. Luckily there is some useful career advice for young people to help guide you

Every country has its own education and qualification structure, and different requirements for professions. This can make the prospect of studying and working in another country seem complicated and daunting, but with the help of ECCTIS Ltd the process can be made much easier.

ECCTIS Ltd is an organisation that runs a number of different learning and mobility National Agency divisions.

Put simply, it runs different organisations that work to boost the recognition and understanding of different qualifications internationally, and increase the mobility of individuals so that they can study or work abroad more easily.

UK NARIC – National Recognition Information Centre

UK NARIC is the official source of information for anyone looking to work or to gain vocational, academic and professional qualifications, in different countries around the world. UK NARIC is linked with the government’s Department for Business (BIS).

UK NARIC provides useful information about careers and qualifications for international citizens, who want to enter the UK in order to work or study, and for UK citizens who may want to do the same abroad.

Each year, UK NARIC get 70,000 applications from individuals who want to gain access to immigration, matching their qualifications and skills against our professional and educational frameworks.

They also provide information for universities and employers who want to accept applicants from other countries in Europe or elsewhere.

For more information, please visit: UK NARIC

EUROPASS for young people who want to work or study abroad

Europass or the NEC (National Europass Centre) works to promote the mobility of people who want to work, study, or train throughout Europe.

The organisation helps to remove the barriers for people wanting to travel to other countries in order to work or study.

Europass provides various services for individuals to utilise; including options for creating more internationally recognised CVs and qualification documents and providing links to useful companies for working or studying abroad.

For more information please visit: EUROPASS

UK NCP – The National Contact Point for Professional Qualifications in the UK

The UK NCP is the information point for anyone wanting to gain internationally recognised qualifications and skills. This division of ECCTIS is for professionals who want to gain more mobility throughout Europe.

It is the central access point for making sure that professional qualifications are internationally recognised, and providing the regulatory information for that profession in other European countries.

ECVET – The European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training for England

ECVET is part of wider network of contact points for providing information and expertise to awarding bodies and students, wanting to validate and facilitate mobility internationally.

ECVET mainly specialises in vocational qualifications, helping to design new, more internationally recognised awards and providing student with information on how to make their vocational qualification more mobile.

For more information please visit: ECVET

ReferNet - The European network of reference and expertise in Vocational Education and Training (VET)

ReferNet is a decentralised information portal working in the exchange of information and documents regarding vocational education and training in participating stakeholders across Europe.

For more information on how to study, train or work in a foreign country, please visit: ECCTIS