Saturday, 20th April 2019


  • Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst: Businesses require analysts to implement and set up network systems within the work place. With technology developing at such a staggering rate, the need for analysts will increase as businesses will need them to upgrade and monitor the systems to ensure they are working at their full potential.
  • Physiotherapist: Physiotherapy is an incredibly rewarding career and is becoming more and more in demand due to the number of individuals with limited physical abilities and the aging population.
  • Fitness Trainer: More and more people are becoming aware of entertainment and fashion and the desire to look good and stay fit. The fitness training industry is therefore rapidly increasing, especially due to the aging population and peoples’ desire to stay active late into life.
  • Dental Hygienist: Not only do people want that dazzling white smile, but more and more are realising the need for preventative dental care. Hygienists are therefore in high-demand as people have started taking better care of their teeth.
  • Social Worker: Due to an increase in awareness and concern more people are reaching out to the poor and distressed. A career as a social worker is extremely rewarding and as the government raise awareness and creates initiatives more social workers will be required.
  • Pharmacy Technician: With the increase in the number of elderly people using prescription drugs the demand for Pharmacy Technicians is at an increase. With the advances in medicine and technology this increase will continue to grow.
  • Software Engineer: As technology is developing at such a huge rate, the need for computer professionals is growing. Professionals are required with strong skills in programming, systems analysis and business skills.
  • Financial Analyst: With the recent recession and financial scandals the need for quality auditing, advising and analysis has become apparent. The financial industry is growing in size and complexity therefore the demand for qualified financial analysts is growing.
  • Veterinarian: As families are putting higher value on their pets, vets are becoming increasingly in demand. Advances in the industry allow vets to provide services such as blood transfusions, preventative dental care and cancer treatments; therefore the need for professionals is increasing however admission to veterinary schools remains competitive.