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Jobs and career paths in advertising

If you are going to consider a career or job in advertising the first thing to do is get a good understanding of what the sector involves.

Advertising is the promotion of a product or service, organised and paid for by the providers and creators of the product or service.

Its aim is to increase audience awareness and influence consumer opinions in a positive way.

The overall purpose of this is to encourage viewers/readers or listeners to buy the product or services, therefore generating sales.

Advertisements are normally targeted at one particular group, for example, children of a particular age, therefore carefully thought out copy, pictures, colours and designs will be chosen so to arouse the interest of the target consumer.

They are produced and delivered through a variety of media: print, television, film, radio, online and in public spaces.

Types of jobs

Within the advertising industry there are a range of career and job opportunities that you can consider.

Those interested in design may wish to consider advertising design roles, whereas those with good people skills would be better suited to account handling.

Whatever your specific skill set, if you are interested in a career in advertising this section of JobZoo will guide you through the types of job and career that would be available; who you might one day work for; as well as other key factor such as what you might expect to earn.

For more information on the different job paths within Advertising, please follow the below links:

How to get into advertising

Just like the variety of careers available in the industry, there are many different ways to getting into advertising.

It is a very competitive career path, so many people choose to study a relevant qualification at university or start as an apprentice.

Not all employers will necessarily require a university degree, but the big advertising companies will want a professional qualification of some sort.

Work experience is vital for getting a job in advertising.

Many designers, creatives and account managers have a portfolio of previous work and bundles of contacts.

Internships and work placements with advertising companies are a must if you want to get started in this industry.

More information

It is the largest and most diverse sector ranging from creative agencies to sales departments, currently employing over 200,000 people.

It is an important player in the UK economy generating over £6.2 billion annually with over 13,000 companies the majority of which are based in London.

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