Thursday, 25th April 2019


Farm consultancies are businesses that supply technical and advisory support services to all types of farms.

Farm consultancies are made up of experienced personnel, who have expertise in specific areas of farming, be it in livestock, crop production, game and wildlife or aquaculture and agriculture.

What is involved within the role?

Experienced technical advisors and consultants will be hired by individual farms for support on increasing their productivity and profits.

Farm consultancies will assign advisors and consultants to specific customers and clients, so that they build up a formal relationship with the client and fully understand their practices and their needs.

Advisors and consultants can specialise in anything from technology and machinery to poultry management and crop yields and is quite a broad job description.

Who can be a farm consultant?

Consultancies will often take on graduates or other applicants with equivalent qualifications and train them up to be experts in financial and agricultural business advice.

Then the individual advisors will go on to be responsible for their own clients and farms, supporting them and advising them where necessary.