Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Animal charities and organisations are fairly large employers of professions within animal care.

These charities and organisations can work in various areas involving animal welfare, but by and large charities focus on wildlife conservation and animal protection.

The structure and domain of charities and organisations can vary, with some focusing on specific species, and others working for all animals.

Types of animal charities

There are lots of opportunities for young people within animal charities could be split into the following types of specialities:

  • Animal relief charities – charities working worldwide helping animals affected by natural disasters
  • Pet charities – charities focusing on domestic animals, rehoming abandoned animals or rescuing abused animals
  • Wildlife and countryside trusts – working in reasearch and promoting conservation, either of an endangered species or wild animals in general
  • Working animal charities and fundraisers – charities working in the training of working assistant dogs (e.g. guide dogs) or animals working in industry
  • Animal sanctuaries and rescue centres – charities that work in emergency rescue, healthcare, and housing of orphaned or wild animals,
  • Marine conservation charities – working in the research and conservation of all types of marine wildlife

More information

There are around 150,000 registered animal charities and organisations, which employ a combination of professionally qualified and unqualified staff to work in general care, veterinary treatment, or promotional areas of charities and organisations.