Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Animal research centres are publicly or independently funded organisations that work specifically in the study and understanding of animals, their survival and their behaviour.

These research centres can be whole companies, or a department of universities, government or charities.

What is involved within the job role?

Animal research can involve the research of veterinary health and medicine, or in the understanding of wild species, and conservation methods which is important within the animal care industry.

Different types of animal research centres you can work in

Depending on the type of research and the source of funding, these animal research centres can be located in a laboratory or in the field, either in the UK or abroad.

Zoos and wildlife parks are also common locations for animal research centres where scientists and zoologists can study wild animals up close and monitor their habits and behaviour.

Due to recent laws, such as the Animal Welfare Act, there are new regulations and standards of animal care for animals which are not living in a wild state and are under the domestic care of humans.

Higher standards of care are required so that animals are not made to suffer in any way, and where many professions now need to be sufficiently licensed.

How you can get involved

Typically it is professions in veterinary, zoology, animal behaviour, and animal welfare and conservation that will work in animal research centres.

Voluntary opportunities may be possible and can lead to job opportunities for young people and progression in animal care careers.