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There are many types of equine businesses involving all professions in the equestrian sector.

Most businesses will specialise in one of the following areas of animal care:

Types of equestrian centres

  • Recreational horse-riding and horse-care: private owners, tourism
  • Working horse-care and training: police force, army, agricultural industries
  • Commercial and professional horse-racing and competitions

There are still many niche businesses, specialising in a particular skill or service.

However, most of these businesses can come under the umbrella term of equestrian centres or livery yards.

By definition, these businesses can specialise or combine different professions and services, offering training, board or maintenance services for all types of horses and riders.

Equine businesses will vary in size; over half of equine businesses employ less than five members of staff and are largely independent.

Equestrian centre jobs

Equestrian centre is a sort of umbrella term for all types of equine services.

These services can include riding lessons, horse training, breeding services or simple horse boarding.

Equestrian centres include the following types of business:

  • Riding Schools - instruction on horse riding at all levels
  • Training Yards - providing horses with appropriate training, sometimes for races
  • Breeding Services - usually parts of equestrian centres, working with stallions and mares and specialising in foaling
  • Farriery and Dental Services - farriers and equine dental technicians may work freelance but are contacted by the centres when needed
  • Competition Yards - where horses are trained and prepared for races or shows
  • Equine Tourism Centres - involving trekking, riding lessons and other tours

Livery yards

Livery yard is an old fashioned term used in Britain to describe a business which provides accommodation and board for horses, whether working, recreational or otherwise.

Livery yards are still used today, where clients hire out a stable for their horse, which will be provided with food, water, shelter and, potentially, exercise.

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