Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


The UK has a substantial pet and animal care industry, with thousands of private pet care companies feeding the large demand for pet supplies, pet food and animal care services.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association (PFMA) the UK’s pet food industry alone has benefited from an 80-90% increase in demand.

UK pet owners are also becoming increasingly discerning about the care that their pets receive, whether in general grooming or when being left under someone else’s supervision.

Types of private pet care companies within the UK

The different types of private pet care companies that can usually be divided into the supply of services or products.

Private pet care companies might include some of the following examples:

  • Pet Shops - either large chains or small independent stores with pets for sale, usually small pet animals and fish
  • Kennels and Animal Boarding Establishments - kennels, catteries and other boarding establishments that care for clients’ pets and provide accommodation for the short or long-term periods
  • Pet Food or Accessory Suppliers - stores that work in the supply of pet food, cages, tanks and other accessories
  • Grooming Salons - companies that work in the grooming and aesthetic maintenance of pets, with haircuts, washes, nail trimming, teeth cleaning and styling
  • Training Schools - companies offering training services either in general obedience or for specific skills in race and event preparation
  • Private Clinics - these can include hydrotherapy, animal physiotherapy, pet behaviour analysis and dental services
  • Pet-sitting Services - companies that offer individual pet-sitters or dog-walkers for owners who do not wish to use typical kennels or catteries
  • Freelancers - self-employed professionals can work in many of the above areas, including pet-sitting, grooming, training and general animal breeding
  • Tourism Centres - these can include petting zoos or tour companies using horse

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