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Jobs and career paths in the Armed Forces

Her Majesty’s Armed Forces are managed by the Defence Council of the Ministry of Defence and are made up of three primary components: the Army; the Royal Air Force; and the Royal Navy.

Their main objectives globally are to protect the United Kingdom, protect overseas territories, promote UK international interests and contribute to the international peacekeeping effort.

There are a range of different job roles within the Armed Forces which means there is a large amount of job roles for young people to sign up to.

In total there are approximately 200,000 full-time employed servicemen in the Army, Air Force and Royal Navy and almost 40,000 volunteers in the Territorial Army. This total of just fewer than 240,000 makes the British Armed Forces the second largest number of active troops in the European Union.

The United Kingdom also has the largest Air Force and Navy in the entire European Union and, in terms of power projection or force at disposal, is the second highest in the world behind only the United States of America.

Types of jobs available in the Armed Forces

Careers in the Armed Forces are some of the most thrilling available as it is an important industry to work in.

The array of opportunities and different roles on offer is vast and becoming a soldier is just one out of a long list of areas a serviceman or woman can choose to specialise in.

The Armed Forces rely on the skills of technicians and mechanics, intelligence officers, IT professionals, engineers and demolition specialists, doctors and nurses, divers, ground staff and many more to go about their day to day operations.

Additionally, the benefits available to servicemen and women include paid healthcare, discounted travel and amenities, extensive periods of paid leave, financial bonuses and public sector pensions.

For more in-depth information on the the different job paths within the Armed Forces, please follow the below links:

How you can get involved

All of the armed services run training schemes for school leavers or graduates.

Anyone can apply to join the armed forces after they turn 16. Typically these schemes give trainees an insight in to life in the armed forces and involve strenuous physical and mental training.

There are some physical requirements for entry and you have to be a UK national with a minimum five years’ residency in this country, but otherwise, the qualifications required can vary.

Some people choose to join the armed forces after studying at university, whilst others go straight from school.

There are many different roles within the armed forces, all with different entry requirements.

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