Thursday, 13th December 2018


Salaries in the Armed Forces

Armed forces salary In all branches of the armed forces, there are structured pay scales according to rank and the level within that rank.

Certain positions within the army, the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force or the Royal Marines can attract higher salaries than others but this depends on the rank of the position and the qualifications that are required for the role.

In general, the armed forces offer an attractive salary and benefits for its recruits. Training for the armed forces is intense, but the salary and benefits make up for the hard work.

The different pay scales

Each of the different branches of the armed forces will have different pay scales.

The starting salary for a new recruit in the armed forces starts off at around £14,286 per annum whilst they are in their training.

This salary will rise steadily as you rise up the ranks within the force.

Graduate salaries can start off a little higher, at between £20,000 and £28,000 per annum.

This is of particular benefit if you have applied for the forces before university, so that you were helped with your finances whilst studying.

Graduate salaries will depend on your qualification and the position within the force that you have applied for.

Salaries in the armed forces can rise up to £100,000 per annum, with significant benefits such as subsidised housing, food and travel as well as a minimum of 38 days paid annual leave.

Other information about Armed Forces salary

The amount of annual leave will increase for those higher up the ranks or for those who have been sent abroad to work.

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