Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


The Army is often considered more than a job. It is an opportunity to serve the country, to travel, work as part of a team, and offer help and support to those in need.

It is the largest, oldest and most diverse section of the British Armed Forces industry and provides the backbone to the whole system of British defence and attack.

The role of the British Army

It consists of the General staff and deployable Field Army, and the Regional Forces that support them.

Furthermore, the Army works closely with the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. The primary task of the Army is to help defend the United Kingdom by engaging in operational duties across the globe.

It carries out an enormous range of different operations, such as peacekeeping, providing humanitarian aid, enforcing anti-terrorism measures and helping to combat the international drugs trade.

How many people are employed?

As of the 1st of November 2011, the British Army employs 108,520 Regulars (which includes the 3,780 Brigade of Gurkhas) and 33,100 Territorials for a combined strength of 141,620 soldiers.

In addition to this, there are 121,800 Regular Reserves of the British Army. The strength of the Territorial Army is predicted to continue to increase from 33,100 to around 38,000 personnel by 2020.

This means that there are loads of career opportunities for young people within the army.