Saturday, 20th April 2019


In simple terms, the Navy is the section of the Armed Forces which specialises in defence and attack from the sea.

What the Royal Navy do

As an island nation this is incredibly important as our economy is heavily contributed to though seaborne trade. 95% of Britain's trade activity, imports and exports, travel by sea.

By protecting the sea lanes, the Royal Navy has a hand in ensuring the stability and economic growth of the UK.

The Royal Navy protects Britain's interests, citizens, territory and trade by having a maritime force ready to be deployed at all times.

Other information about the job role

Alongside the Royal Air Force, Royal Marines and Army, the Navy promotes maritime security and deters threats to peace, prosperity and way of life. It works in home waters and with international partners in foreign seas.

The Navy also provides an enormous amount of humanitarian assistance and aid around the world.

It is able to give immediate assistance to British Overseas Territories and other countries around the world in instances of natural disasters, violent conflict and repatriation.

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