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Jobs and career paths in Aviation

Aviation is a huge industry and a large employer of people with all manner of skills

Aviation covers the design, development, operation and use of aircraft, whether for commercial or civil services which means that there is a lot of career opportunities for young people within the industry.

Together with the aerospace industry, the UK’s aviation industry is second only to the United States in terms of size.

Information about the industry

The broader aviation industry employs around 234,000 staff and is vital to the UK’s overall growth, not only directly but also by providing a means of international trade for other industries.

Aviation is not only massive in the UK but is a huge industry worldwide, with over 2.8 billion passengers carried by world airlines in 2011.

Therefore, there are many aviation job opportunities abroad as well as on home soil.

Air transport, despite falling recently during the recession, has expanded steadily over the decades.

In 2010, 211 million passengers passed through UK airports with 2.0 million aircraft take-offs or landings at UK airports in 2010.

As well as passenger transport and tourism, the aviation industry includes a lot of international freight transportation.

The rapid expansion of the industry has raised concerns about the environmental impact of air transportation.

Airlines and aircraft manufacturers are now encouraged to work towards reducing emissions, whilst still keeping costs down.

Types of jobs in Aviation

The aviation industry in the UK includes 30 commercial airports as well as private airports and airfields.

Employers in aviation are not limited to airports and commercial airlines but also include government security departments, ground service providers and engineering firms.

When aeronautics and the manufacturing aspect of aviation are excluded from aviation, the jobs can be separated into three main areas:

  • Ground handling services – preparing and dispatching aircraft
  • General airport operations – managing the operation and security of the airport
  • Commercial airline operations – working on behalf of an airline dealing with passengers or flying aircraft

For more in-depth information on the the different job paths within Aviation, please follow the below links:

Getting into aviation

The jobs within aviation are hugely varied in terms of skills required and daily duties.

Certain jobs within the industry, such as pilots and air traffic controllers, will usually require high levels of qualifications and intensive training, whilst operations or customer service roles are open to less qualified entrants.

A job in commercial aviation will usually require good customer service skills and an interest in travel and tourism.

A job in airport security will place higher importance on observational skills and an interest in civil service. Across most areas of aviation, foreign languages can be a useful skill.

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