Thursday, 25th April 2019


Salaries in Building and Construction

Building and construction salariesAs there many different professions within building and construction, there is a wide range of average salaries.

The salary of a builder working on a construction site is likely to be very different from that of an architect designing a new skyscraper.

It is, therefore, quite difficult to determine what sort of salary to expect in the industry as a whole; it really depends on what job path you work in.

For unqualified builders and labourers, the salaries are likely to start quite low until you have gained some experience or being professionally trained.

In the physical side of the building and construction, it is important to get the proper qualifications if you want to earn better money.

Graduate salaries

For graduates straight out of university, the average starting salary for management roles within the building and construction industry is around £22,672 per annum.

Salaries will depend on the location of work and the size of the employer. Graduate schemes often pay good salaries.

Graduate engineers working in building and construction can expect to start on anything between £17,000 and £22,000 per annum.

In 2013, the average salary for a newly qualified architect, with a professional qualification, was £27,625 per annum.

The average salary for an architectural CAD technician was £23,167 per annum (Building/Hays Construction Salary Survey).

Self employment

Builders, labourers, architects and surveyors may all be self-employed at some point in their careers.

Freelancing is not uncommon within building and construction, as workers may be sent to work on different projects.

Rate of pay will vary largely on the position that they hold and the qualifications that they have.