Wednesday, 24th April 2019


An architectural firm will hire a group of architects to define the structure or behaviour of a building for clients.

These private firms can be large, small to medium-sized (SMEs) or very small operations run by just a couple of people, but whatever the size, they are an important part of the building and construction industry

The role of an Architectural Firm

The role of an architectural firm can be to draw up plans for a remodel, or to construct a building from scratch.

Larger private firms will incorporate the planning, designing and construction of a building with employees holding more specific roles.

In larger firms, the functional, technical, social, environmental, and aesthetic aspects will also be taken into account.

An architect’s firm will ensure that the stability and looks of the building are safe and in keeping with the environment.

A growing job sector

Architectural firms will work in both residential and commercial property markets, but will most likely have a mission statement, announcing what kind of work they specialise in.

Architects can now have offices based in countries all around the world with a growing opportunity for careers.