Friday, 19th April 2019


Engineering companies are businesses typically made up of engineers and construction consultants. They usually specialise in building, construction and transport services.

Who can get a job within an Engineering Company?

People from a range of different backgrounds can get a career in engineering as these firms will apply scientific, mathematical, economic, social and practical knowledge in order to design and build structures and machines.

They offer consultation and technical services to contractors and architects helping to realise their projects and is an important tool within the building and construction industry.

What is involved in the role?

Engineering companies can specialise in very unique areas, such as aerospace or the military.

Engineering companies can offer a range of facilities and skills, or focus exclusively on one.

This depends largely on the size of the company, as larger companies can employ a greater skilled work-force.

Companies in this field must ensure the greatest level of safety is adhered to by all employees and clients, as well as making sure that project remain cost effective.

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