Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Interior design has become a huge market - the interior of a household or office is now very important in a society which believes that the environment around us can have a huge effect on our mood and, ultimately, our productivity.

This is why there has been an increase in career opportunities for young people within the interior design industry.

About the Interior Design industry

The interior design process is complex and involves professional knowledge of both the construction and creative arts industries.

Interior design companies are usually comprised of creative experts on designing either commercial or residential interiors, and sometimes both.

The work these companies do

Interior designers are hired by clients to design rooms and spaces, according to specific brief and to create an atmosphere suitable for the use.

Interior design companies are often responsible for overseeing the work being done on site, so knowledge of construction or various branches of skilled labour can be quite important.

Interior design companies can specialise in a range of areas, large or small.

They hire a diverse and skilled workforce, working on the concept, the design and the building and construction.

Interior design companies will also be expected to source furniture and materials project.