Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Landscaping companies cover a wide area of the construction market.

Landscaping can range from stripping the ground and clearing compounds before construction and engineering projects, to designing and creating gardens, parks and outdoor areas.

About Landscaping companies

Landscaping companies form strong ties with civil engineering and the building and construction industry, but can also form one division within one large firm.

Work projects of landscaping companies can vary dramatically, even if they specialise in just one area, be it commercial or residential.

Therefore, companies will hire a variety of people with specialist skills to offer meaning there is a lot of career opportunities for young people and different paths to enter the industry.

Work within the role

Examples of work could be designing roadways or paths for public areas, or designing gardens for a hotel, or helping to assess the conditions to build an extension on a house.

Landscapers and planners are needed to assess the ecological and geological properties of the area in preparation for all types of building.