Friday, 19th April 2019


Charities are organisations which aim to provide help and relief to those in need. There are over 150,000 registered charities based in the UK, this means there are lots of job opportunities for young people, ranging from small organisations with only a few full-time members of staff to global operations which are set up like businesses and hire teams of staff, both paid and unpaid.

Jobs in Charity and Social Care

Each charity will normally focus on one specific area to dedicate their support to, such as:

  • Animal protection
  • Child protection
  • Healthcare
  • Society and community
  • Foreign aid
  • Disability awareness
  • Environmental conservation

Money is raised in a variety of ways, such as through public donations, sponsorship or charity events such as Comic Relief or Sport Relief.

There are many roles working within the Charity and Social care industry, both paid and voluntary. Charities will often have a celebrity as an ambassador to draw in more public awareness.