Thursday, 25th April 2019


Charity and social care in hospitals is perhaps more prevalent in countries such as the USA where there is no free National Health Service. The uninsured are often able to receive charity when injuries occur and they are unable to foot the bill.

Hospitals abroad, particularly in under-developed or developing countries, often rely on volunteers with medical qualifications to provide healthcare, support and advice to locals.

Charity & Social Care Abroad

Charities will work in a range of countries assisting people whose lives are threatened by natural disasters, violence, disease or neglect.

'Medecins Sans Frontiers' (Doctors without Borders) is an example of a large charity providing medical aid abroad, regardless of people's race, religion, political stance or gender.

It is an independent humanitarian medical aid organisation that aims to offer help and guidance and raise awareness of the problems abroad.

Hospitals may also employ additional healthcare professionals, including social workers and counsellors for when they feel that patients may need specific aftercare.