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Jobs and Career Paths in Design

Design is everywhere we look. It is arguably one of the most creative areas of work a person can get into.

Designers are at the forefront – literally at the drawing board – of creating new products and services and helping bring ideas to life. In this industry, creativity is absolutely paramount.

There is no single definition of the word ‘design’. To some, it means to plan before creating; to others, design incorporates the idea, the planning and the construction of an object as a whole process.

The Design Industry

Everything that we use on a daily basis, or will use in the future, has and will be designed before it is created.

Whether it is a building, a room, a chair or the cover of a coffee table book. The areas of work a designer can specialise in are practically limitless.

There are around 193,969 people working in the design industry, which contributes £6.8 billion to the UK economy. The design industry is a very commercial sector which prides itself on the quality and innovation of its output.

Types of Jobs in Design

As almost everything we use or see in our daily lives has been designed by someone, there are many different areas of design that you can specialise in.

Some of the most popular areas of design include interior design, fashion design, automotive design, graphic design, product design, website design, industrial design, game design and furniture design.

The majority of designers work in communications, interiors and exhibition, with product and industrial design being the next most populated area.

Other Design Careers

No matter what particular industry they work in, a designer’s workload will vary from day to day, making a career in design interesting and fun. Designers need to be imaginative but practical and it goes without saying that they need creative talent.

Many designers will have started ‘designing’ as a hobby before honing their skills, choosing an area of specialisation and being paid to do what they love to do.

For more in-depth information on the the different job paths within Design, please follow the links below:

Getting into Design

Across the design industry, employers look for highly skilled and talented individuals, normally placing experience and skill above formal qualifications.

However, there is a wide range of industry endorsed and higher education qualifications in design that will teach the relevant design skills that are required.Typically, in art and design areas, employers will expect designers to have studied Art and Design at school or in further education.

Technical designers working in graphic design, technology or industrial sectors, will benefit from having a relevant degree or vocational qualification. In all areas of design, progression and success is usually linked with the possession of a portfolio or previous work experience.

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