Thursday, 25th April 2019


Design agencies cover a wide variety of specialisms. Also referred to more loosely as creative agencies, design agencies employ an array of designers in all areas to provide advertising, marketing and communications services.

Much like the design industry as a whole, there are many fields of work in which design agencies operate, including:

  • Advertising and brand marketing
  • Corporate communication
  • Games industry
  • Fashion and creative arts
  • Events

The Role Of Design Agencies

The design industry is a competitive field, with hundreds of design agencies fighting to get the latest client.

Because of this, design and creative agencies often like to specialise in a range of areas, displaying their versatility.

Creative agencies will work with their clients to create strong and effective designs for each project, from the general to the more obscure.

Life working for a design agency, whether in fashion, events or brand development, can be fast-paced and assorted, often revolving around deadlines.