Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Publishing houses deal with the publishing of books, magazines, journals and brochures. They dominate the publishing industry, large in size, and most often with an international reach.

Publishing houses can specialise in one of the following fields:

  • Consumer book publishing
  • Educational publishing
  • Business media and directory publishing
  • Consumer magazine publishing
  • Newspaper publishing
  • Specialist media publishing

Employment Within Publishing

Publishers employ a variety of people in the creative industries, with many design positions.

There are hundreds of magazine and newspaper publishers in the UK, each usually having a number of publications.

Magazine and publishing jobs for people in design are varied, with a large amount of creativity required to create a successful publication.

Daily Roles In A Publishing House

Art directors will design the layout of each page, graphic designers will edit photographs and compositions, fashion stylists are hired to create successful magazine shoots, and copy writers will edit the copy on each page.

Whilst the large publishing houses dominate the industry, there are still smaller, specialist publications that employ in-house designers.

The larger publishing houses are more likely to offer graduate schemes, and take on a larger amount of young talent on a yearly basis. Positions at big publishing houses are very competitive, so the entry requirements may be higher.