Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Adult education centres exist everywhere for adults who wish to learn just about any discipline or who want to broaden their existing knowledge of a certain subject. By investing some time in learning, many adults will find that they will have a better chance of finding a job.

Teachers, lecturers and professors who specialise in one or more particular areas will work in adult education centres. Many adults will have commitments during the day such as jobs or family commitments, therefore these courses often run in the evenings so to be convenient for all. They will often allow students to work from home at a time scale that works best for them. Adult education centres enables people from all over to improve basic skills such as reading, writing, maths or computer skills with a huge amount of help and guidance.

Adult education centres offer a range of qualifications, both academic and work related courses:

  • Degrees: Higher education qualifications are available in a huge range of subjects. A bachelors degree can lead to qualifications such as a bachelor of arts, science or medicine (depending on the subject). Normally a degree will take around three or four years.
  • Foundation Degrees: These combine academic study with workplace learning and are similar to the first two years of a bachelors degree.
  • Higher Degrees: Also called postgraduate degrees, diplomas and certificates will require a bachelors degree already. They can lead to qualifications such as an MA (master of arts) and MSc (master of science).
  • Higher National Certificates (HNCs) and Higer National Diplomas (HNDs): These are work-related courses provided by higher education colleges and further eduation colleges. They are available in a wide range of subjects from arts to finance.