Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Her Majesty’s Prison Service employs teachers and instructional officers to train offenders in a variety of vocational and academic subjects to facilitate rehabilitation and enhance their chances of building a better life after release. This is crucial for building skills and confidence levels among prisoners. Teachers will also provide advice and support to the prisoners so to boost moral which will increase their ability to learn. Learning is an integral tool in the resettlement of prisoners and includes both vocational training and academic education. Research has shown that those who do not gain employment after being released from Prison are more likely to offended. Therefore it is incredibly important to give the prisoners the skills to gain work after release.

The curriculum within prisons is incredibly varied as it must meet the needs of a variety of prisoners who may all have very different levels of education. Inmates may have special learning needs such as dyslexia, hearing limitations and limited social or educational understanding; therefore a curriculum must be devised that can enable all students to benefit.