Thursday, 25th April 2019


Special Education Needs Schools, or SEN schools, need qualified teachers who can adapt conventional learning methods to cater for children and young adults with special education requirements, disabilities and impairments.

SEN schools aim to make sure that every child within the school reaches their full potential and can make a successful transition to adulthood, training or further work. There are approximately two million children in England who are identified as having a special educational needs, who are disabled or are disproportionately poor.

The condition and circumstances of children can differ hugely, from young people who need a few adjustments in class, to those with life-limiting long-term conditions. Therefore Special Education Needs Schools must be able to cater for a range of children with hugely different learning abilities.

SEN schools will hire the same sort teaching administration staff, but will require teachers and teaching assistants to have experience working with children with special needs. It is best to contact the individual local education authority (LEA) for more information on entry and specific job requirements.