Saturday, 20th April 2019


Universities are institutions where postgraduate and undergraduate education is offered to those who wish to further their studies. Universities enable students to take education to the next level and specialise in a particular topic. With more than 50,000 courses available in the UK in a variety of academic and work-related subjects, universities open up a huge range of opportunities and enable students to experience a rich culture and social scene.

Experienced teachers or experts in a certain field become lecturers and are employed to teach and motivate students who have opted for higher education in order to focus their studies and gain a degree around one or more particular areas. Although every university is organised in a different way, most are divided into a number of academic departments, schools or faculties.

University job positions can vary depending on the institution's focus on teaching or research. A lot of University lecturers will be specialists in their field, and will look to develop the research and teaching of that subject.