Saturday, 20th April 2019


There are hundreds of magazine companies in the UK, each usually having a number of publications. Magazines can be focused on any type of industry, whether fashion and beauty, celebrity, film, or business.

Magazines are made up of a variety of articles and will normally be published on a regular schedule, typically weekly or monthly. Fashion magazines make up a huge part of the magazine industry in the UK, with many publications dedicated to fashion alone. There are also many general lifestyle magazines, or newspaper supplements, that have a fashion and beauty section.

Fashion magazines or features require journalists who specialise in fashion and have an in-depth knowledge or interest in the industry. Fashion journalists will write features and articles which cater to the specific readership.

Fashion magazines also employ their own fashion stylists, photographers, and agency models to organise photo shoots and images for their pages. Working for fashion magazines is a great option for people interested in fashion but not necessarily interested in design or modelling.