Sunday, 19th May 2019


Fashion retailers require fashionable staff, who take an interest in the ongoing fashion trends, in order to push their brand forward. Employees of retailers are not only needed to help on the shop floor with customers, but also needed in head office, researching the latest trends and designers and buying in new lines.

Fashion is a fast-moving business which means that retailers must keep up with changing trends, for each season. They need staff who are keeping a constant eye on the fashion trends and styles, so that retailers can buy in on trend stock and cutting edge designs.

In retail outlets, there is always a fast turnover of stock. Not only is customer service key, retail assistants will also be required to suggest new trends and particular outfits that will appear on manikins. The layout of stock in the shop is also essential as all items must be visible and displayed in a way that is appealing to customers.

Larger retailers may also employ photographers, models and other staff needed to organise photo-shoots. Marketing is very important for fashion retailers, and having professional photo-shoots to appear on posters or catalogues is all important.