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Jobs and Career Paths in Film and Television

If you are going to consider a career or job in film and television the first thing to do is get a good understanding of what the sector involves.

The UK film and television industries are enormous. Together, they employ over 80,000 people and contribute substantially to the UK economy.

Growth Within The Industry

In the last ten years, the UK film industry has witnessed considerable growth, with increasing popularity amongst international audiences.

Meanwhile, broadcast television is continually adapting to new technologies and the widening tastes of the general public.

Working in any of the areas within these industries can be exciting and fulfilling. There are hundreds of different job roles and many sectors to get involved in.

The television and film industries are strongly inter-related, sharing an array of talent with a highly specialised workforce.

Types of Film and Television Jobs

It’s not just the people seen on screen that play important roles in film and television, but also the people working behind the cameras - in the studios, editing suites, or in the boardrooms, coming up with concepts and distribution strategies.

Working in film and working in television is also very different, with different production schedules, different genres of programming and different distribution methods.

Some of the jobs within this industry are available in both film and television job paths. Many film and televisions professionals, such as actors, screenwriters, or directors, start off in television productions before moving in the film business.

For more in-depth information on the the different job paths within Film and Television, please follow the links below:

Getting into Film and Television

The vast majority of jobs within film and television are creative and technical, with people judged on the quality of their work and the level of their experience, rather than on formal or academic qualifications. Although, a lot of people do still benefit from studying to degree level and beyond.

Jobs in film and TV can be very demanding, with long hours, stressful conditions and fierce competition. Pay often starts off very low and, in order to progress, portfolios or show-reels of experience and good results are an absolute must-have.

There are many different schools and colleges offering unique courses in all areas film and TV, whether in acting, production, sound editing or distribution. The film and television sectors are also blessed with a wide selection of organisations that work to educate, celebrate and promote the industry.

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