Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Facilities is the collective term for the equipment, services and specialist personnel hired for a production in film or television. Facilities houses specialise in the technical and practical areas of the production, requiring a highly skilled and trained workforce.

According to Skillset, there are about 3,900 facilities companies employing over 40,000 people in the UK. Facilities companies, or facilities houses, are big employers in creative arts and production.

Employers in facilities have specific requirements for those entering the industry. Skillset figures show that, with around 59% employees in facilities being graduates, there is a greater importance placed on qualifications for entry into facilities careers than in other areas of film and television.

Working in facilities is not just about using filming equipment and editing footage in post-production, but it can also involve the creation of special physical effects: constructing mechanical props; wiring up electronics; building structures. These roles often require very specialist skills and training in order to keep up with the changing technology.

Again, with the film and television industries being so interlinked, facilities houses usually work in partnership with production companies, film companies or television companies in order provide their unique specialist services or equipment for all types of production.