Sunday, 21st April 2019


Production companies, in film and television industries, work at the practical forefront of creating feature films and television programmes. Production companies work alone, or collaboratively with film and television companies to produce the end product, whether a feature film, a documentary or a television programme.

Production companies can either deal with a particular part of production, such as a post-production, or can operate in all areas. The main areas of film and television that production companies deal with are:

  • Business - signing on projects with partners, hiring staff etc.
  • Development – being heavily involved in script development, finding talent and resources and designing the creative aspects
  • Production – filming, recording and editing
  • Finance – working on the budget and sometimes helping with distribution

There are different types of production company across film and television industries, which can be large, small or independent.

Film Production Companies

Production companies within the film industry, will either work with a major film studio, or work alone sorting out the financing, development, production and distribution independently.

Major production companies, such as Working Title or Lionsgate films, started out as production companies working with other distributors, but then decided to develop their finance and business departments in order to make more money. These types of production companies can offer well-paid opportunities for those who possess the right skills and experience.

There are a number of small film production companies in the UK, offering great experience and career opportunities for those starting out in the industry. However, the pay may start off quite low with smaller companies, but there are opportunities to progress and work side by side with senior professionals.

Television Production Companies

In the UK television industry there are around 850 independent production companies. These types of companies have made some of the most commercially popular television programmes, including The X Factor, The Apprentice and Big Brother. However, typically independent television production companies are smaller than this.

Production companies will generally hire freelance workers for a particular contract or production. They will hire to fill all sorts of positions, including production assistants, runners, lighting technicians, floor managers etc. Some companies will employ full-time producers, floor managers and other heads of departments, but otherwise the majority are likely to work freelance.