Saturday, 20th April 2019


Broadcast television is still a hugely important source of entertainment and information in the UK, despite the growth of new media, and is going through a great period of change and development.

There are many television broadcasters in the UK and, since April 2012, all are digital and satellite. These larger established broadcasters not only offer many employment opportunities, but a great variety of training and work experience too.

Public Service Broadcasters

In the UK, broadcasters with public service programming responsibilities including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, although the latter three are commercially funded. These broadcasters are committed to providing the public with quality entertainment and reliable information, adhering to certain regulations. They offer a huge variety of employment opportunities in all departments, from production to presenting, sound to screenwriting and camera work to casting.

As the most renowned broadcasters in the UK, the competition for vacancies is fierce. There are also many valuable but competitive work experience placements available in varying departments, as well as apprenticeship schemes. Given the vast spectrum of genres, having experience with a major terrestrial broadcaster can be very beneficial.

Cable and Satellite Broadcasters

There a hundreds of cable and satellite broadcasters operating in the UK. These channels diffuse programming from a huge number of niche genres, catering to all types of audiences.

The major cable and satellite broadcasters are BSkyB (Sky), Virgin Media, Disney and Discovery, each reaching a vast amount of people. These international brands have offices in the UK, so there are employment opportunities with them, though they may be less in production and more in distribution and management areas. This is not always the case, but these big brands do work with production companies for certain productions.