Thursday, 25th April 2019


Retail Banks

High street banks is the more commonly used name for retail banks. It is within these huge national companies, that most bankers will find work. From the head office, to the high street branches, retail banks consist of banks, building societies and foreign banks.

The actual high street bank branches are seen as the face of the company, therefore the employees must offer impeccable and helpful customer service, in order to keep up the bank's reputation. The range of financial jobs will be vast from branch managers to behind the counter.

Positions in the headquarters of retail banks can be gained either directly from graduating with a degree, or through working up through the system.

Private Banks

Private Banks are similar to high street banks in the way that they have direct contact with the public and advise them on what to do with their finances. However, to become a member of a private bank one must have a certain amount of money first. It is therefore very elitist and the customers expect a unique and safe service.

Employees will provide a first class service that is tailored to the clients circumstances and ambitions. The roles inside private banking differ very little from those in retail banking, but a higher level of prestige is expected.