Sunday, 21st April 2019


Hairdressers can be females or unisex salons that enable people to have their hair cut, styled or dyed. There are quite a few big-brand hair salons in the UK as well as numerous independently-owned hairdressers.

It has become more and more popular, for women especially, to continually change their image and this often begins with altering the colour or shape of your hair. Celebrities and glossy magazines can have a big impact on people wanting to change their hair, and hairdressing, like beauty in general, has become a very profitable business.

People now spend a lot of money at hairdressers, especially those which offer a "pampering" experience; offering head massages, high quality hair products and refreshments. Hairdressing salons like to build up a reputation of creativity and excellence, so trained, skilled hairdressers are required. Treatments range from colouring to cutting, but depending on the size of the salon, a great number of people can be employed, each with their own role.