Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


There are a huge number of private companies in the hospitality and events sector. Ranging from large multi-faceted chains, to small independent SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises). Private companies employ the majority of people in the hospitality and events industry.

There are different types of private companies that employ people across the UK.

Hotel and restaurant groups: There are a number of large companies of this type operating across the UK, which employ the largest amount of employees. Most often these big enterprises own individual restaurant and hotel chains.

Hotel chains: Large hotel groups such as Hilton, Marriott International and Mercure employ thousands of people within the hospitality sector.

Food and restaurant chains: These companies include international fast-food chains such as MacDonalds and KFC who offer many opportunities in management and catering. These companies also include high-street restaurant chains and coffee shops.

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): These smaller independent companies can specialise in food, hotels, or events. The benefits of working for smaller companies is that there is greater room for progression.

Hospitality and events sectors can organise and create a range of services from parties to holidays for individuals or companies. The experience will be tailored to the needs of the customer and employees must ensure that they give the highest standard of service at all times.