Wednesday, 24th April 2019


The restaurant industry is booming in the UK, with eating out being a big trend. There is also greater demand for interesting and exotic cuisine, served creatively, and in an a lively atmosphere with great service.

There are hundreds of restaurant companies across the UK.

The big businesses such as international fast-food chains and coffee shops or companies which own a number of different recognisable restaurant and pub chains. There are huge opportunities within these companies, both for catering work, but also for managerial graduate positions.

The recognisable restaurant chains throughout the country continually employ a vast amount of employees, and offer comparable pay and conditions throughout their sites.

Small independently-owned restaurants can vary in types and in standard. They can either be small cafes or Michelin star restaurants.

Employment opportunities are vast and promotion within the work place is possible, especially when working for smaller companies. Employees should be ready to work long anti-social hours in a busy environment, but must also be aware of their legal working rights.