Friday, 19th April 2019


Solicitors will traditionally deal with any type of legal matter including those which are carried out in a court. One of the major employers of solicitors, are private solicitors firms.

Solicitors firms are independent private sector companies that employ a group solicitors specialising in any type of legal field. Solicitors firms can specialise in a particular area of the law, including:

  • Criminal law
  • Financial and commercial crimes
  • Family law
  • Property law
  • Civil law
  • International law

Many solicitors will begin their career and learn their trade as an apprentice or trainee in a private solicitors firm. Throughout their continued employment they gain knowledge, skills and clients when practicing.

Solicitors firms can range from internationally acclaimed (companies which are part of the magic circle law firms) or they can be smaller city or regional firms. City firms account for one third of all training contracts on offer in the UK, yet they are becoming more similar to international firms with the majority being commercially-based with international connections. Niche firms are much smaller, but make their money by specialising in a particular field such as litigation.