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Jobs and Career Paths in Leisure, Sport & Tourism

If you are going to consider a new career path or job in leisure, sport and tourism, the first thing to do is get a good understanding of what the sector involves.

Three of the biggest employers in the country combine in this sector. In the leisure, sport and tourism industry the jobs usually revolve around helping people enjoy their leisure time, whether that is in a sports centre or in a holiday resort or travel agency.

Tourism Sector In The UK

The UK tourism industry is worth UK £115 billion a year and employs 2.6 million people, including both domestic and overseas tourism.

The industry is growing fastest out of all others since the recession and is predicted to be the best performing industry over the next decade.

After London hosted the 2012 Olympic Games, where Team GB took came away with a whopping great 65 medals and finished in third place, there has been a rise in campaigning for better investment in sports.

British sport is back on the agenda, so it is an exciting time to be part of a career in sport.

Types of Jobs in Leisure, Sport & Tourism

Leisure is understood to mean what people do for fun and to ensure it runs as smoothly as expected, employees are high in number and able to partake in a variation of roles.

Leisure provides a stunning opportunity to gain employment in an enjoyable profession with a wide range of options.

Sport encompasses those from every possible degree of involvement from pool attendant to psychologist or even a sports superstar.

Tourism is a vast profession of employment both for those working in this country and those wishing to work abroad. Every conceivable holiday trip or tour can use the help of an expert in the field. From conception to completion tourism requires the assistance of those in the know.

For more in-depth information on the the different job paths within Leisure, Sport and Tourism please follow the below links:

Getting into Leisure, Sport & Tourism

There are many ways of getting into this industry, with almost all academic and vocational qualifications being of use. Employers in this industry will usually expect a solid academic background at GCSE, and maybe A-level, in the core subjects.

Other roles may require more specific qualifications or training, such as First Aid courses or a certain level of ability in a particular sport.

There are many relevant university courses that will also be of use within the leisure, sport and tourism industry, including Business Studies, Leisure and Tourism and Sports Science.

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